My name is Alita,

(Little Wing in Spanish), a name my father gave me after I was conceived on the beaches of Mexico and born with a specially placed birthmark in the shape of a little wing ... so the story goes.  

I was brought into this world as a result of a brief and wild love affair between two remarkably unique individuals,  who couldn't possibly be more opposite in character and life ideology.  I never knew them together but I did have the rare opportunity to be raised in two VERY different tribes.  My mother was a gypsy with no true destination in mind, while my father was pragmatic and a master of life-strategy.

When I was with my mother, we stayed in everything from ashrams, to remote villages, to tents on the beach.  As long as we were close to a body of water, had a bowl of rice and beans and some reggae music – we were better than good.  When I was with my father I went to private school and became grounded in family.  I dabbled in discipline and tested the boundaries every chance I could.

I developed an insatiable hunger for adventure and couldn’t wait to see the world through my own lenses. I ended up living and working on almost every continent, I fell in and out of love, and I met amaaaaazing people who changed the course of my life in countless ways.

I also witnessed women and children suffering in unimaginable ways, which birthed my voice as an advocate, a politician, and a matriarch.  This is when I discovered what I was made of, and ultimately found myself to be a member of many tribes. The people of these tribes shared their gifts, wisdom, and ideas with me; allowing me to evolve into the woman I am today.  

A woman that feels destined to introduce people to the world outside of their own.  I believe Einstein's saying, "If you have the privilege to know, you have the duty to act."

Today, I am bridge-builder: providing people access to the ideas, the experiences and the people that can heal wounded hearts and inspire dreams.  Their tools can only be discovered if you look outside the box, and trust that there is MORE waiting for you on the other side.  

My Conscious Community

Since discovering that ONE introduction can change the course of a life forever, I'm inspired to introduce you to my Conscious  Community.  The kind of community where people show up for each other, take time to listen, offer support, honest feedback or an alternative perspective.  

This community consists of experts in ALL areas of life. They're using innovative, powerful and unique approaches in everything from personal growth, to interior design, to image transformation, to life and love coaching.  These are the people that are changing lives, and changing the world. 

Together we'll guide and support you, taking big leaps or baby steps to help you create your fullest lifeI'm excited to be your Conscious Concierge as I get to empower, co-create and play with the most inspiring, genuine, and FUN people on the planet!